Evil is generated in minds, not in apps or websites

While the PUBG cause suicides and Tiktok declines ethics and modesty according to PTA, so they should be banned. Furthermore YouTube have objectionable material according to Supreme Court of Pakistan so it should be ban too. Then if you ask poor public, they will tell you that T.V, computer and mobile is damaging to our kids eyesight as well as their precious time, these parents will say that ban these gadgets please. So in this situation, I am remembering that last year K-electric disconnected the electricity of some areas in Karachi as people were dying due to electric shocks in rainy season. So what is happening and what should happen are two things; one based on problem and other on the cause of problem. Also read that how our society repel change in the name of evil in my post https://lighthouse97.wordpress.com/2020/04/29/be-young-be-modern-go-for-change-it-is-natural/

It is true that all these apps and websites which faces ban are the mode of transmission of some evil or intolerable thing in society but it doesn’t mean that by ban it we can eliminate that evil. In simple words what I want to say is explained by following example:  Polio virus is a virus that is spread by contaminated water or any other thing or by sneeze or cough droplets of infected person. Now most of countries have got rid of polio virus; they didn’t ban coughing or sneezing or touching anything, but they kill the actual root of problem.

Root of problem or mode of transmission?

 Now in our society, depression, negativity, lack or morality and seriousness towards our duty have such a high prevalence that they can be transmitted by almost any type of thing. What you do, first comes in your imagination and IMAGINATION IS NOT GENERATED IN APPS, IT IS GENERATED IN MINDS. So the problem is that we have confused strategy in tackling the main cause of problem and the transmitting or spreading factor. By the way we also have TRADITION  to use Ramzan and Eids for causing hike in prices (inflation)  and illegal stocking; so if who is problem? Now I can doubt in current situation if we blame those festivals for spreading inflation. Surely the total responsibility is on your way towards your mindset and plans that HOW MUCH ETHICAL ARE YOU? 

Banning apps is not solution

Are we putting our responsibility on apps and games?

In fact I am not saying that any really harmful thing should not be banned but we should understand that your kids will not refrain from by just banning PUBG, they will be safe when you sit with them and listen them to understand and solve their problem BUT if you have other priorities then obviously to blame and bash an app is easy than the hard work of investing time in someone’s problems and trying to solving them. The theme of this talk is that we are much more irresponsible than we should be, as society. It is the reason that we are used to listen and speak the sentences like

  • Mobile is wasting the time
  • Smartphone is killing family happiness
  • Machines are making us silly; our parents were much more active than us

And many other things like that..

To blame and bash an app is easy than the hard work of investing time in someone’s problems and trying to solving them

Now on same mobile and laptops, students are taking classes and employees and continuing their jobs. Let’s think on a question? Today all students are connecting their teachers and fellows by Zoom app. Tomorrow, if someone does something objectionable on the same app, will the zoom app be guilty? I am not asking if it should be ban then or not, I am asking that who would be responsible in that situation. Will it be fair to say that Zoom app is spreading immorality or violence in society? If no then what we are doing now, and if YES then  surely if  a person ask his or her kid that why are you posting this rubbish content on this app the he is fool and stupid, instead he should go to the website developer to argue with him. Also read my blog about Online classes https://lighthouse97.wordpress.com/2020/06/14/dont-offline-the-education-be-online/

Solution: Self-ability to think and analyze

If we want to be secure in this regard that scrolling, browsing or downloading any app or website will not shake his personality and watching any movie or reading any book will not guide him in wrong direction, you should invest your MORE THAN SIGNIFICANT TIME and BEST SKILLS in his or her UP TO THE MARK training;

  • Training to do a clear difference between right or wrong,
  • Training to do a fair analysis of skill,
  • Training to set and recognize his limits and to not cross them and
  • Training to be aware of consequence of his actions.

If we want to make our society a strong one, we must have strong minds, the minds that are not easily liable to an app, game, video or a movie. It is as important as the facts that while developing any software and writing scripts, one should consider its effects on society but it is important to realize that evil always prevails and new fantasies to misguide us develop in the society and we are blessed with wisdom and ability to differ between right and wrong and control ourselves according to anything. The thing to do it is to set the principle of your life using that wisdom and take decisions according to those principles. It should be the main element of our personality that we do not disintegrate ourselves in the craze of anything so worthless like as an app or a video made by an unknown person.

We set our status by latest trends not by our principles

It is also an evergreen problem of our society which prevail in every class that we are influenced by latest fashions and trends. It is not limited to wearing and customs only but it is deeper than this now like Do you have a Facebook account? Are you using instagram? Why you don’t update whatsapp status? Do you use tiktok…? No? Oh you are an innocent kid.

These are the type of question answers which influence our kids and youth to feel something which they should not. I mean to say that though it is good and important to have knowledge about latest trends and technologies but it does not means that you walk on a path blindly and jump into the trench in which others have jumped. Make your personality of your own rather than based on trends as these are temporary. Read more about it on https://lighthouse97.wordpress.com/2020/05/09/live-your-passion-upgrade-the-best-version-of-yourself/

The conclusion is that you cannot just make yourself free of blame by putting all burden of responsibility on two gadgets, three apps and five movies. The person using those apps and games is you or your child. If you are successful in drawing the line between Okay and Not Okay, the rate of problem will be lower much more than in case of banning that website.

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