Action of Irresponsibility to the Mind of Slavery

Situation #1:

National Command and control centre, Pakistan: Covid-19 cases in Pakistan can rise up to 10-12 lac at the end of july

Pakistani Media: Why Asad Umar is frightening the nation? Can it be possible or not? If govt know that, why it is not acting?

Imperial College, UK: 23-25 lac people in Pakistan can die of covid-19 till January 2021.

Pakistani Media: Oh What?? Why hell govt. is not taking it serious? What are measures against it? Is govt such careless that we are into that situation?

Situation #2:

Health minister Punjab, Pakistan: Lahoris are ignorant and stupid

Pakistan Media: How dare she can say that? Govt. is totally failed to control covid

Lahore Public on social media: They are giving poison injections in hospitals to create horrible situation. It is a conspiracy. Govt. has opened everything and blaming us.

Govt. when imposed lockdown: Police is beating citizens for going out. We don’t have transport to go back to homes

I don’t know if people bashing Govt. trying to close mosques have actually gone there to pray; but they were everywhere in shopping malls and markets in huge number, from two weeks before eid.

The above “one nation story” is not to laugh out (if you are actually laughing). It is to think upon ourselves, our behavior and loyalty with our country at least (if not with govt.). Why the majority of our public has made their minds to disobey the rules? It is not only in covid-19 case. Let’s talk about traffic accidents which have high mortality per year than corona. Do we even follow those rules? A BIG NO! Even we help each other in this disobedience? Our respectable petrol pump station administration put a helmet at the entrance of station; the guy put it on head and gets petrol leaving the helmet for another “rule violator” to come. This is common example we have practiced before and shared it on every platform in whatever means.

This is the type of behavior we have with our nation and country; and then the same people when a movement like #BlackLiveMatters go in trend, they start shouting and point fingers on bad aspects of those people. Get your house in order first.  You bash your country. You disobey your constitution. You do frauds with your people and family members. You try your best to make problems in law and order; and then you blame others to not speak in favor of your problems.

The second important problem related to this is “foreign occupied minds” or “inferiority complex-ed thinking”. It can be explained as what USA and China tell us is as right as holy revelation and what our doctors, researchers and government tell is either total rubbish or a dangerous conspiracy. This corona was enough to tell us that those which we accept as holy souls are not perfect. They have weaknesses, they make blunders (like every day in USA 2000 people were dying and their president was daily bashing China on different related issues). George Flyod death has also told us the same thing. Murder, Injustice and racism exist there. People are not as safe there as we self-imagine. Also read a related blog “Corona times: Feed or Flight”

In conclusion, the above lines are just a bit of small effort to motivate or develop the sense of responsibility in public. #beResponsile #loveYourFellows #educateyourself #shareIt


  1. People in the power , ministers , decision makers must have a consistent approach, no flip flops and blame games. No doubt it is a difficult time but I am not seeing a collective approach on how to handle this challenge

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