“A white has no superiority over a black……

“…….A white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have any superiority over a white; except by piety and good action”

(Muhammad P.B.U.H)

Well in the days when a significant group of people (who always do this) is again pointing out that the whole world is crying over a cruelty suffered die to racism while they keep silent on the deaths of Muslims in all across world, most respectfully it is stated to those people that it is our duty to speak against injustice and violence without the specificity of religion, cast and nation.

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If an innocent person is killed, due to a reason about which our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has mentioned clearly in the last sermon, isn’t it obligatory for us to at least stand up against this racism. This is a complete non-sense in which every time we get confused that if west is doing some wrong with us, it is not Okay for us to cry for them.  Please! we should not get confused on these two things. Instead, we should upgrade our power to speak and stand exactly like this when we have such injustice with us. We should have own power to create our voice on all type of media instead of waiting for world to cry for us. This issue has nothing to do with a man which is made victim of racism.

Bilal (R.A), the first moazzan of Islam is a symol of human equality

As Islam is a universal religion, its universality equally implies on each person on this globe. This feature of Islam is neither for cramming in books nor to sustain in air. The time when we have to show this feature to the world, we act like “Angry souls” having childish grudges against each other. Is this our piety and good action? Why not it seem sinful to us to keep quite? Don’t we know that to speak against a wrong is second level of faith while to keep silent is third one?  Where it is stated that this only implies on Muslims?

Remember, when Islam had become an inspiration and spread in the world, it was due to justice and mercy of Muslim rulers towards all people without any specification.

Human Equality, Stand against injustice

Let yourself recall, how the great Bilal (R.A) suffered cruelty in the hands of his owner; He was beaten and his skin was burnt; He was a slave and black; and then how he became first person in the world who calls people for prayer, five times a day, the first Moazzan of Islam. He called people for Salah from the Azaan in Kaaba at conquest of Mecca to Azaan in Damascus on the request of Umar Farooq (R.A). It was not just because he was Muslim; it was more because he was superior in Taqwa (Self-discipline and determination). He was, indeed, the symbol of human equality.

Equality in human rights of living is way towards perfection in society

When every person is given equal rights to spend his life, there is equal chance for him to take part in the society and as a result society will get benefit from diverse skills. We restrict the exposure of this intelligence flux when we adopt specific behaviors to specific group of people. It is just not related to current protests in west but on the whole it needs to be implemented. In addition to this there is another important thing need to be understand before going further as it is a trend now days that is All lives matter

#All_lives_matter is right or wrong

While there are two opposite schools of thinking on this issue, the reason is that there is no doubt that all lives are precious and as we discussed above that EVERY person has right to live BUT it is fair thing to say that from centuries certain group of people are regarded as lower human being and they are stopped to rise up equal to other people who think themselves dominant. Mainly these include women suppressed by men and black people considered as lower humans by white people who think that they are supreme people. Now there are two clear points out of this situation which should not be doubted. After progressing and evolving towards more civilized, educated and modern world, these concepts still exist somewhere in our minds and continue to come out.

  • To respect every human is important and raising voice for one sector of society should not means that we are against other. Instead the ideology should be changed
  • The ignored and dominated groups of society must be focused and justice should be done among both (e.g black and white)

It should be clear in every mind that he is safe and honorable citizen like anyone other. This is the basic way to make a role model social structure. When you build society on such equal rule and regulations, everybody work with his full heart

So the word of conclusion is, do not let yourself getting confused and never stop to raise yourself against injustice. Remember! Racism is not based on black skin; it is based on black hearts.

Stop Racism





  1. Well said!

    Slavery is not a sign of shame or dishonor for those enslaved. Though it was — tragically — enforced on the basis of skin color in the United States, people throughout history have been enslaved. The Romans, the Vikings, the Chinese, the Huns, and the Muslims all practiced slavery. This means we all or almost all have slave ancestors, whatever the color of our skin. And we all or almost all have blood on our hands, at least our ancestors did.

    More important, we are related. We are all family, as our DNA demonstrates. We were all created by the same God. The Bible puts it this way: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28).

    That should be a tremendous incentive for us to eliminate slavery in all its forms. The great shame is that there are still some 40 million men and women enslaved today. These range from forced laborers (domestic, construction, and agricultural) to sex slaves.

    Those of us concerned for justice must address this immense injustice, once and for all.

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  2. The post seems to be in context with the recent incident happened in U.S. Islam is not the only religion which calls for equality, in fact every other religion out there emphasis the same and the general logic likewise finds the same conclusion. Anyway the article is well constructed and properly connected. Thumbs up 👍

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