Women Rights and Non-evolving mindsets

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When we talk about women rights, mostly people, in the first place think about education, inheritance and jobs. If someone get more passionate about gender equality and freedom, a hell of criticism loaded from all around voices who think in their minds that today’s modern girls want to wear half covering clothes, to have male friends and go to mixed parties. Well there can be some debatable intentional slogans but female gender in long course of time has been treated with inequality and oppression. Sadly some of those practices and MOST of MINDSETS are EXISTING in today’s world. Where we talk about women rights, these are the steps which women are taking in context of statistics and grades. For example, women are seeking jobs because they are getting higher education, putting boys in tough competitions.  But is the common mind set of society is a comfortable through the pathway of a kindergarten girl to successful professional? Let’s FIRST have a looks on HISTORY TIMELINE to follow the women rights and SECONDLY, go through that how ISLAM order to treat women.

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Starting from the earliest known civilization of Mesopotamia women were considered lower and weaker as that of men, also in Babylonians who considered women as male property. From 5000-3000 BC, in  the heart of China, Yangshao civilization, in which regarded women with respect but mostly in the role of mother. Giving birth was the act which had role in making women status high in the era. Similar was the case in Mesoamerica where role of women was considered to bear children however sometime women helped their men in farming also. Persia and Sparta were however of a different kind due to their military needs. Women were deployed in military with men for their war based purposes. In Rome, it was the culture that women should have at least three children to own her husband’s property after his death. In ancient Japan, the female gender was more sorted and associated with beauty, purity and fertility.  So in our society how much percent typical mind set revolve around women having a child is Okay, otherwise it is not Okay. Almost Full it is! So how much we have been forward in women rights. Why is it not okay for a woman to not have a child and if someone asks this question, he never gets a sensible result. To carry out generation is a natural and essential process but each women is not essentially supposed to have kids or to marry but this concept is still unacceptable in our society throughout all classes.

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Then come to pre-islamic Arabia with even poorer (better to write inhumane) conditions. In the tribal based society, there was no right for women to marry there own choice however the tribe protected the women if her husband maltreated her, which often resulted in war among two tribes (is not this common when a forced or arrange marriage results in trenches among two families in our society). To avoid these wars, later husband had given full right of his wife and children to treat them in whatever manner (As we tell our women to do compromise). Only priestess women belonging to upper class could inherit the property.  Because males were given priority, if mother gave birth to baby girl, a hole was dig simultaneously and child was buried in that hole (we don’t practice it, but still in our culture there exists a greater happiness or wish on the birth of son ).

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In middle ages of Europe, a patriarchal society was suppressing women rights in normal life aspects. Other in later middle ages where some women have reached to ruling states or armies, the most women spend life having role of mother, wives, peasant (farming worker who could not even marry without permission of her landlord and paid fine for that), slaves, nuns and artisans. The alternate for marriage and child bearing was to go to church and to spent whole life in religious matters. Women were supposed to take care of all household work; to obey men with some help in their husband businesses (isn’t it seems like much of not our acts but our thinking)

Today, we became worried about a girl marriage in her early twenties and after that about childbearing , then making a happy home with her husband and to obey him (even in some harsh circumstances) and to make compromises. On the top of that, we do not think all of this in case of our boys. They also have to marry, have role in childbirth; they should make compromises after being in martial relation. It is total our social trend to make a society, a patriarchal one, it has nothing to do with religion. Instead, the religion says:

We created women from the nature of man and from an essence the same as the essence of man….. (Qur’an, 4:1)

An intensely clear line is from Quran about same nature and essence of man and woman so who is someone to change it? It is also stated that women are of same kind that of man, not an inferior one as “Allah created your mate from your own kind”


If they are of same essence and nature they why should they behave different or spend life as that different that of man? As far is the question of modesty and being obedient to husbands, Quran also order man to lower their gaze, do not harass women with allegations, provide wives with equal things and rights which they have and above all behave with kindness. Why these restrictions of modesty do not apply of men in our society like that of women?

Islam and gender equality

Then there also clear warning about not to blame women without proof but in our society we use our tongues before that anything else; in most of cases we start whispering or blaming openly about any girl without having any reason just to satisfy ourselves.

Surely those who accuse chaste believing women, unaware (of the evil), are cursed in this world and the hereafter, and they shall have a grievous chastisement. (Qur’an, 24:23)

And Allah is not having distinction among both genders, a lot of verse start with “Believing men and believing women….” so why should we treat a gender differently?

So after billions of days passed with that oppression a change should be there in thinking. Being a doctor, CEO, software engineer or scientist is only professional change. It should be seen in private lives inside our homes where a girl cannot feel insecure about her martial life future and career.

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